As any ministry you can help us to continue our work by donating funds; 
Alan and Ester volunteer full time for Restore His workers. Alan does 'tent-making' by going to sea for 4 months a year to cover their own living expenses & pay the mortgage for the land he hosts the ministry buildings your complete donation goes to the mission!

As we are a non profit / 501-c-3  ; donations to our ministry may be tax deductible.
   You can write a check payable to:     Restore His Workers
                                          Address:     35714 321st ST NE Arlington WA98223 USA                

You may choose if your funds get used for ; the "missionary retreat center" in WA / "medical missions" / "Seattle homeless ministry" by writing your choice at 'description' / 'for' on your check.

If you want to serve God for a while ,are 18 or older / or come with a parent, want to see a little of Washington state...

*You can come help us with construction work and/ or yard work  at Rivers Rest . Or help with spring cleaning in early April.
*You can come help with computer work at Rivers Rest in the office for Restore His Workers.
*Or if you like to work outside and get a sun-tan while at it ...our 5 acre yard needs weekly mowing and monthly weeding ... 3 days & play 1...enjoy hikes, BBQ's ,bonfires, the river that boarders our property  ... 
 work 4 days a week, 6 hrs a day - play 3 days if you come 1 week   ... go see the USA after helping us if you got the time...
 For $ 20,- a day we feed you 3 meals a day and arrange a sleeping place on our premises. 
 We have lots of info on things to do around our place for your days 'play'.
email about the dates you like to come serve with us, and what work we have those dates...

 Donate  English or Spanish bibles ( new or used), good Christian DVD's & CD's, construction & yard tools in strong shape...we can give you a 'value village worth' or 'Craig's list worth' tax receipt for these. 

 'Adopt a missionary' by paying their utilities contribution (write this on your donation description) or by taking one or more on an outing while they stay with us.

Come help us serve & evangelize 100 to 200 homeless in Seattle Saturday mornings from 11.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m.
 cook some food to bring along for the potluck style feeding (enough to feed about 50 persons) , or cook it for pick up Saturday 8 a.m.
 or donate food or funds so Ester can cook more. 
 donate  winter clothes, sleeping-bags, tarps, tents, suitcases or bibles in good condition / come hand them out yourselves too if you like
 come evangelize by singing / making music or talking to the ones in line /bring coffee to hand out/
 make warm hats , shawls and gloves...get your womens group involved in this from November through April...any