​Restore His workers was founded in 2006 by Alan & Ester Fosmo to help fellow missionaries, serve poor people world wide, help other ministries, and encourage people to volunteer their time to serve the Lord.

We welcome full time missionaries in need of a retreat, temporary housing,counseling, practical help.
  Our motto is: help the ones who were obedient to Jesus' call in Mathew 28:18-20 
                    so they can continue their work or find new direction and prevent them from being  
                    struck down in the battle!

​4 cottages are build for this at the foothills of the cascade Mountains WA,USA
​full time missionaries may come from 1 week to 3 months ; if need be max 6 months.

Restore His workers is a 501-c-3 charity registered in Washington state USA.
UBI # 602-577-619

Year around we are available for housing, counseling and advise to missionaries who are burned-out  because of their labor for our Lord on our property close to darrington WA  USA

We are available for family members/ churches/ friends/ ministries who are concerned for a missionary in any way all through the year per email esterkoster@hotmail.com 

We are a Christian faith based ministry , see our missionstatement on page 'who we are'

We offer prayer-counseling preferably in person on our property named Rivers Rest.
Missionaries are welcome to come in for a day, a week, or may apply to come for a few months. See 'counseling for missionaries' link. 

Since 2011 we serve the homeless in seattle 2 to 4 times a month ,please check out he 'homeless ministry' link for info about this , especially if you are looking for a place to volunteer.

medical missions supports ministries in Mexico we used to work with, medical help to homeless / missionaries/ poor and needy around us, and at times medical mission-trips we do overseas.

For questions , inquiries, assistance please email esterkoster@hotmail.com 

 A.E. Koster_Fosmo
 Restore His Workers

P.O Box 1012, Darrington WA 98241, USA  for mail and donations